A. Start a New Business

  1. Private/Public Limited Company
  2. Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
  3. One Person Company (OPC)
  4. Partnership Firm
  5. Proprietorship Firm
  6. Producer Company

B. Registration for Business

  1. Trade License
  2. Goods & Service Tax (GST)
  3. Assam Shop & Establishment Act
  4. Provident Fund (PF) Code
  5. Employee State Insurance (ESI)
  6. Professional Tax Registration
  7. Importer Exporter Code (IEC)
  8. SSI/MSME Registration

C. Business Support/Compliance Service

Accounting Services

  1. Book Keeping & Accounting
  2. Finalisation of Accounts
  3. Maintenance of Fixed Asset Registers

Cost Accounting

  1. Maintenance of Cost Records
  2. Cost Accounting Services
  3. Pricing of Products
  4. Cost & Risk Analysis

Secretarial Compliances

  1. Annual Filing of Company
  2. Annual Filing of LLP
  3. Further issue of Share Capital
  4. Maintenance of Statutory Registers
  5. Due Diligence
  6. Increase of Share Capital
  7. Maintenance of Minutes of meetings of the Company

Changes in Business

  1. Change in Board of Directors of Company
  2. Change in Partners in LLP/Partnership Firm
  3. Change of Objectives of Business
  4. Change of Office Address
  5. Change Company/LLP Name
  6. Change LLP/Partnership Agreement

Conversion & ESOP

  1. Partnership to LLP/Company
  2. Company to LLP
  3. Sole Proprietorship to Company
  4. Employee Stock Option Plan
  5. Private Limited Company to OPC
  6. Conversion of Loans into Shares
  7. Private Limited Company to Public Limited Company and vice versa


  1. GST Filings
  2. GST Advisory
  3. TDS Return
  4. Income Tax Return
  5. Income Tax Planning
  6. Assam Professional Tax

Labour Laws

  1. Monthly PF & ESI Compliance
  2. Advisory under PF & ESI

Financial Planning & Advisory

  1. Arrangement of Finance at competitive terms in accordance with the needs of projects
  2. Financial Advisory

For Individual

  1. Income Tax Return
  2. Income Tax Advisory
  3. Investment Planning
  4. Retirement Planning

For Non-Profit Organizations (NGOs)

  1. Registration under Societies Registration Act, 1860
  2. Registration under Section 8 of Companies Act, 2013
  3. Registration under Section 12A & 80G  of Income Tax Act, 1961


  1. Trademark Registration
  2. Copyright Registration
  3. Patent
  4. Legal Drafting of Contracts/Agreement/Notices

To know more, and to create a progressive & sustainable ecosystem of financial, compliances and legal aspects to business growth, as well as overall individual growth

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